animation-1OCPP issues in your charging station hardware limiting performance?

Move ahead with confidence using our 108-point OCPP integration test suite

say goodbye to future troubles and embrace peace of mind with elektropod's comprehensive test suite: a rigorous OCPP integration activity to detect protocol implementation issues in hardware upfront.

animation-2losing revenue with high charging station downtime

ChargeOS improves charging station uptime by up to 50%

ChargeOS never lets your customer arrive at a faulty charging station. high uptime not only translates into increased revenue opportunity but also builds customer trust. elektropod ChargeOS is built with real-time monitoring, self-healing algorithms, remote diagnostics and a toolbox to diagnose and handle problems.

animation-3say goodbye to poor customer experience!

win your customer's loyalty with a great mobile app and superior customer service.

be your customer's favorite by becoming the charging network of choice by providing a great experience. upgrade your customer's EV charging experience with elektropod's feature-rich, multilingual white labelled mobile app, offering ease of payments and important notifications. our user-friendly app has intuitive filters for finding the right charging spot quickly. provide prompt customer help through our support system with ticketing and live chat, plus features like reservation for seamless charging experiences.

laptop mockuppoor utilization at charging sites bringing down ROI?

make better data-driven decisions with 360-degree data analytics.

do you know last month's bottom 10% of charging sites by average daily revenue? we will show you. not just this, but optimize your charging network with elektropod's advanced KPI dashboards, providing real-time insights into charging site performance. utilize location analytics to pinpoint underperforming sites, enabling informed decision-making and resource allocation. elevate your EV charging business with data-driven strategies for enhanced efficiency and profitability.

animation-5are you ready for price competition in the market?

become irresistible with dynamic pricing strategies.

boost your EV charging business with elektropod’s subscription management, fostering recurring revenue and customer loyalty. dynamically cater to diverse needs by offering pricing offers and driving engagement. attract and retain customers through referral campaigns and loyalty programs. track station performance with advanced KPIs, and eliminate billing and revenue sharing headache with our partner billing system, invoicing, and taxation support for sustained success.

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elektropod ChargeOS provides complete and comprehensive solution for your business


360⁰ user experience for your customer

attractive multi-lingual white labeled mobile application, effective filters, smooth payment flow, time slot reservations, notifications and more


monitoring & control of everything that is important to you

sites, charging stations, transactions, payments, users and more.. all at your fingertips


streamlined billing & payments work-flow

choice of payment gateways, billing for customers & partners, country specific taxation modules


integrated customer support solution

support ticket management, customer live chat and more, all on the platform

graph-up (1)

actionable location analytics and insights

advanced KPI dashboards for site based operational and business parameters

innovative growth oriented companies are leveraging elektropod technology

from highly available charging stations, delightful EV user experience, higher asset utilization to killer pricing strategy implementation, the elektropod ChargeOS empowers CPOs to realize the full potential of their business.


start your elektropod ChargeOS journey today

book a demo and to build and grow your EV charging network with a comprehensive software platform that enables superior operational and business results

using inferior software can jeopardize your business growth

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top-notch quality and innovative hardware solutions

engineered with durability and weather resistance in mind, we ensure uninterrupted service. supporting multiple charging standards and protocols, our solutions guarantee seamless integration, preparing your business for the dynamic and ever-evolving EV landscape.