Our Mission

what do we do?

imagine a future powered by clean energy, where your daily commute doesn't contribute to pollution. that's the future we're building at elektropod. We offer advanced EV charging solutions that are designed to make switching to electric vehicles easy and reliable. Our goal is to strengthen EV charging ecosystem and support various industry players with solutions that enable them to create friction-free ownership experience for EV users.

our mission

we're making the switch to electric vehicles easier than ever. by providing reliable, efficient, and user-friendly EV charging infrastructure, we're revolutionizing the way people power their journeys. this paves the way for wider adoption of EVs and builds a foundation for a cleaner, greener future for all.


what do we offer?

elektropod delivers complete EV charging solutions. it includes both charger hardware and charging infrastructure management software.

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ev charging Infrastructure management software

in addition to our hardware solutions, we provide the best EV charging network management software that can make the charging experience better for users and easy for administrators. from remote monitoring and energy management to billing integration and data analytics, our software solutions are designed to optimize efficiency and convenience.

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ev charging hardware

our state-of-the-art charging hardware is engineered best for performance, reliability, and ease of use. whether you're looking to install charging stations for residential, commercial, or public use, our hardware solutions deliver top-notch quality and versatility.


get to know the passionate minds behind elektropod

the heart of elektropod is a team of passionate individuals who are experts in technology, engineering, and customer care.

vivek kapadia

Co-Founder and CEO

janak patel


deep parikh

Co-Founder and CTO


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