animation-11proprietary protocols blocking interoperability?

unleash business flexibility with OCPP compliance.

go seamless with elektropod's OCPP chargers! connect to professional management software and be part of larger talk to expertroaming networks. leverage remote control, real-time availability reporting, accurate billing, and happy customers – all thanks to the open standard support for OCPP 1.6 as well as OCPP 2.0.1. unlock your network's full potential.

animation-7worried about power fluctuation and its consequences?

ensure customer trust and hardware longevity with guaranteed electrical safety.

elektropod chargers come equipped with a comprehensive suite of safety features exceeding industry standards for worry-free operation and long lifespan. building trust, one safe charge at a time, every time.

animation-8observing revenue jitters due to inaccurate energy measurements?

truth in every charge with class-1 digital energy metering.

elektropod chargers boast built-in, class-1 accurate digital energy measurement for both single and three-phase configurations. build customer confidence and eliminate missed revenue opportunities with precise billing. no more guessing.

animation-9vendor manufacturing bottlenecks slowing deployment?

win the market with flexible engagement models.

choose your perfect fit: purchase just the hardware controller or opt for the full system. integrate seamlessly into your existing production lines, leverage elektropod's quality testing expertise, and benefit from comprehensive warranty management – all tailored to your specific needs. get your network up and running faster than ever.

animation-10want to stand out from your competitors with customized solution?

elektropod helps you build a charging station that's uniquely you!

a sleek touchscreen or cool LEDs, your design and logo, you decide if your station operates well with the latest OCPP 2.0.1 or seamlessly integrates with existing networks using OCPP 1.6. elektropod doesn't just offer parts, it empowers you to craft a charging experience that perfectly reflects your brand and resonates with your target market. surpass ordinary stations, with unique customized features and pricing strategies that attract customers and boost your revenue.


hardware portfolio

ep chargebox - 2W/3W/4W
ep duo
ep cb7/cb22
ep dccb

5 reasons to choose elektropod's EV solutions!


intelligent hardware solutions

elektropod's holistic hardware solution brings safety, reliability, smart connectivity and confidence to your EV network.


complete solution

create great customer experience and achieve superior operational and business results with elektropod ChargeOS, charging network management platform that works in complete harmony with elektropod ChargeBox charging stations


customization and branding

elektropod ChargeBox chargers can be customized to match your branding requirements, delivering a consistent and professional look across your charging infrastructure.


comprehensive portfolio

choose from a diverse range of charging solutions tailored to every need, from personal use to community and commercial applications.


safety first approach

our chargers prioritize safety, equipped with advanced features that safeguard against poor power quality, short circuits, high temperatures, and more.

join companies propelling elektropod’s EV chargers

explore EV chargers that come with our commitment to safety, reliability and a seamless customer experience.

dive into how Elektropod transformed our customers' ev experience!

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wondering how our EV chargers can work in your favor?

talk to our experts and learn how you can level up your charging operations with a robust charging infrastructure.


have more questions? please click on “talk to expert” and we will answer your questions.

a mobile app that takes your network to the next level

maximize control and efficiency with elektropod's software suite. our intelligent charging management platform empowers CPOs to optimize, monitor, and scale their charging networks seamlessly. from real-time insights to user-friendly interfaces, elektropod's software is your key to a smarter charging future.